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A Wide Range of Fitness, Medical & Beauty Full-Body Advanced EMS Devices

Many options and many solutions, to fit all needs:

- Fitness, Medical & Beauty EMS devices 

- Wireless & wired EMS devices

- Single, Dual & Group EMS Training devices

- 6,10 & 12 Channels EMS devices 

- 95% of Muscles Trained (Biceps, Triceps, Lower Back, Upper Back, Pectoral, Abs, Gluteus, Calves, Quadriceps and Hamstrings)

The only FDA Approved Full-Body EMS Technology in the world!

Due to its advancement and highest safety standards, thanks to the patented Impulse Shit Technology (IST), No Load Trip (NLT) and the many more safety features, the E-Fit EMS Technology is the only FDA Approved Full-Body EMS Technology in the world!

2-Years Manufacturer Warranty & Full After-Sales Support

All E-Fit products come with 2-Years manufacturer warranty 

Full after-sales support

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E-Fit EMS Studio Concepts



This studio type is ideal for investors seeking to open an independent and exclusive studio. It could handle much traffic throughout the year.

Characteristics: Ample space and luxury
Typical location: City center, shopping mall, upscale area
Space requirement: 60-120 m2, accommodates 2-3 devices and accessories


This studio type is perfect for all E-Fit products (Fitness, Medical and Beauty). The ample space enables the establishment of separate areas for all equipment. The wide range of accessories guarantee catering for all clients needs


Shop-in-Shop Studio

The studio type is perfect for those investors who would like to open an E-Fit Studio, but don’t want an independent studio or the physical parameters only allow a smaller studio.

Characteristics: Availability and luxury

Typical location: Gyms, fitness centers, beauty saloons and hotels

Space requirement: 60-80 m2, accommodates 2 devices

This studio type is perfect for all E-Fit products (Fitness, Medical and Beauty). The separate area helps to ensure high privacy and that no other conditions disturb the E-Fit sessions


Corner Studio

The studio type is the one with the smallest space requirement. We recommend this type of studio to those investors who already have stand alone or shop-in-shop studios, but would like to expand their business and introduce the E-Fit cutting-edge technology

Characteristics: Conscious use of space

Typical location: A corner in a gym, hotel, etc...
Space requirement: 30-50 m2, accommodates 1-2 devices

This studio type is perfect for the E-Fit Fitness and Medical products. The conscious use of space is a key feature here

E-Fit Beauty & Slim Studio Concept

The Beauty Studio Concept is an additional service for owners of beauty salons, slim centers and spas. It only requires E-Fit Beauty & Slim EMS devices and a massage chair! 

Characteristics: 2-in-1 A beauty salon and an E-Fit Studio.

Space requirement: 10-20 m2

This studio is focused on the E-Fit Beauty & Slim EMS Technology and is perfect to deliver maximum profits to provide outstanding and unique service to a wider range of clients

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