Frequently Asked Questions

What is E-Fit?

E-Fit is the safest, most comfortable and effective Full-Body Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Technology. E-Fit is the world's only FDA Approved and patented technology offering unique, intense and effective full-body workout in only 20 minutes long sessions, once or twice a week. Our technology guarantees safe, comfortable experience and maximum effectiveness with minimum time and effort required.

What is EMS?

EMS is using electric impulses to stimulate the muscles to contract, reaching deep muscle layers which are hard to activate through conventional training, stimulating the muscles to work out much more effectively.

The EMS Technology goes back to the 1950s and was found to be very useful with astronauts returning from their space missions to aid muscle atrophy and regain lost muscle mass due to lack of gravity in space. A Full-Body EMS sessions is scientifically proven to be equal to 4-5 convetional training sessions.

How does it feel like training with E-Fit devices?

Once the device is activated, you'll feel a tickling vibration on your muscles. Very quickly you'll get used to this feeling. This feeling simply doesn't hurt and to most people it's nothing like an uncomfortable feeling.

E-Fit devices operate with low, safe and comfortable frequency output.

As a result of a 20-minutes session your body will burn at least 500 calories or more.

How do I feel after an E-Fit session?

After an E-Fit session you should have a powerful sense of wellbeing. You will feel highly energized and all positive effects of having done several high-intensity workouts.

Your full body is activated during the session, enhancing your blood circulation, an effect that lasts for few days, during which your body will be burning more calories than usual.

After a 20-minutes session your body will burn an average of 3500 calories within the next 48 hours, as your muscles go into the recovery process.

Does EMS have any side effects?

No. EMS technology has been used for decades and since then all scientific studies support proper EMS training. Scientific studies show absolutely no side effects and support EMS training for healthy individuals.

Can I keep doing EMS on the long run?

Yes. Similar to any other type of exercising, maintaining a healthy body and muscle strength require continuous training.

Can the intensity of the session be tailored according to my health/need?

The E-Fit programs and sessions are totally customized to your personal needs depending on your body type, age, gender and level of fitness.

Your sessions can be set to help you burn fat, gain muscle mass, shape and tone your body, and/or for general fitness and a healthy body.

Why is EMS training more effective than conventional training?

The E-Fit EMS technology activates 90-95% of the body’s muscles simultaneously. EMS training condenses hours of conventional  training into a 20-minutes workout. Even though, at E-Fit we recommend combining EMS training with other types of exercising for maximum results.

Can the electric current harm my heart?

No. The low-frequency impulses exclusively activate the skeletal muscles. The heart, other organs and muscle tissues surrounding the organs are never reached or stimulated by the device impulses.

Who is EMS suitable for?

EMS is a great way to tone and get in shape for everyone aged 18 and above and is in good general health. The E-Fit EMS Technology is very effective for elderly people and is totally gentle on the joints.

Private sessions will be arranged upon request at no extra charge.

How often can I use the E-Fit Technology?

You will start with one session per week. We recommend two sessions per week after your second week with E-Fit. Sessions will be separated by 72 hours or at least 48 hours, to give your body enough time to naturally recover after each session.

Who instructs the E-Fit sessions?

Our sessions take place with the assistance of certified & qualified personal fitness trainers who help you perform the exercises correctly with the right body posture and exercising techniques. They also demonstrate and perform the exercises with you, give advice on the right dietary regime and naturally, they are forthcoming and polite.

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